Battery Isolator Master Kill Switch 100 amp / 500

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Battery Isolator Master Kill Switch 100 amp / 500
Battery Isolator Master Switch and Kill Switch
These are designed to disengage the ignition circuit to prevent engine "Run-on"
100 amp continuous rating
500 amp for up to 5 seconds, (such as starting your engine)
Use these to disengage your battery, in racing bikes and cars, 4X4, marine, 4WD, or parking for extended periods
The connections at the bottom are used to dis-connect the ignition or fuel circuits
If proper switches are not used alternator damage can happen and engine run-on may occur because the alternator will still feed the engine with electrical power
Mounting hole required in panel is 62mm x 32mm approx
The switch body is 66.5mm across (diameter)
Total length of housing including posts is 97mm
Height of housing above mounting deck is 43mm (including key is 79mm)
Mounting deck is 6mm thick
Mounting holes (2) are 38mm apart and 6.5mm diameter, 22mm long
The main switch posts are 9.8mm diameter so you will need 10mm lugs or eyelet terminals
Nuts are 17mm AF (11/16")
Key shaft is 11mm diameter
Key has a hole so you can hang it up or secure it
Weather proof cap comes with the switch
A 3 Ω (3 ohm) 11 Watt resistor comes with the kit
Fitting instructions are supplied also
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