Relay 24 Volt Changeover 20 amp + RESISTOR, SPDT

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Relay 24 Volt Changeover 20 amp + RESISTOR, SPDT
Relay 24 volt, 20 amp C/over
Changeover On-On
This relay is resistor protected to minimise electrical interference
While 1 output is on (87a) the other is off (87), and vice-versa
Known as mini relays, these are a standard size relays
These mini relays may come with a bracket, just ask
Suit 24 v automotive applications
Can be used for 24v truck 4WD van 4x4 spot lights, fog lights, fans etc
Field windings: pins 86 & 85
Power in (source) from pin 30
Power out (off) from pin 87a, and (energised) from pin 87

5 pin changeover relay configuration
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