Relay 12 Volt 4 Pin Off-On 70 amp HD + RESISTOR

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Relay 12 Volt 4 Pin Off-On 70 amp HD + RESISTOR
Relay 4 Pin, 12 volt, 70 amp Extra Heavy Duty
With larger 9.5mm terminals to carry high loads
Normally off, 70 amp rating
This relay has a resistor to reduce electronic interference
Known as mini relays, these are a standard size relays
These relays come with a bracket
Relay measures 28mm x 28mm x 41mm high including bracket. Add 15mm for the terminals (total height is 56mm)
Suit automotive applications
Can be used for car truck 4WD van 4x4 bus fuel pump spot lights fog lights horns fans etc
Field windings (switch): pins 86 & 85
Power in (source) from pin 30
Switched power out (load) from pin 87
Load carrying pins, 30 & 87, are 9.5mm wide so will need special terminals (we have them, YQFM96)

4 pin heavy duty relay configuration
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