Starter Solenoid Continuous Duty 24v 2 Post

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Starter Solenoid Continuous Duty 24v 2 Post
Starter Solenoid rated for continuous duty
24 volt 50 amp rating
Copper contacts
2 front contact posts for the pull-in circuit are 4.8mm ∅ so use 5mm ring terminals
2 copper posts for the high current circuit are 7.7mm ∅ so use 8mm copper lugs
Used for dual battery setups, winches, hoists, anchors, pumps etc where the solenoid stays ON for long periods of time
Primary windings have 55 Ω (55 ohm) resistance, around 0.45 amp current draw @ 24 volts DC
41mm diameter and 66mm total length
Mounting bracket is 75mm x 35mm with 6mm standoff
Mounting holes are 12.3mm x 6.9mm with 56mm hole centres
Can also be used as a starter solenoid
Weight is 350g
Sizes are approximate and may vary within manufacturer tolerences
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