ANB Flat Fuses Bolt In (CNL) 35 amp - 300 amp

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Product Code
ANB Flat Fuses Bolt In (CNL) 35 amp - 300 amp
ANB Flat fuses
Bolt - in style
32 volts DC (32VDC)
Also known as CNL fuses
Suits some cars, Fork Lifts, Trucks, Machinery, etc
Available in amp ratings from 35 amp up to 300 amp


Part numbers below:
FFANB35 35 amp
FFANB40 40 amp
FFANB50 50 amp
FFANB60 60 amp
FFANB70 70 amp
FFANB80 80 amp
FFANB100 100 amp
FFANB125 125 amp
FFANB130 130 amp
FFANB150 150 amp
FFANB175 175 amp
FFANB200 200 amp
FFANB250 250 amp
FFANB275 275 amp
FFANB300 300 amp
Flat Fuses Bolt In
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