LED T10 Wedge Bulb Single

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LED T10 Wedge Bulb Single
LED Bulb (Light Emitting Diode) produces white light
T10 push-in wedge style bulb
Single LED long life bulb (if you want a brighter light use the LEDT10-4)
More energy efficient and less fragile than incandescent bulbs
Suits a majority of late model front parker bulbs and number plate bulbs
Can be used in interior lights also (dash, dome, "T" bar quadrant etc)
Replace your front parker bulbs with these because the colour matches your HID headlamps!!
A lense at the front directs most light straight out the front of the bulb
LED's are polarity conscious, so if it doesn't work simply turn it around
Measures 26mm x 11.3mm
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