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Auto fuse link wire in 5 colours and 5 amp ratings



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FLA100Fuse Link 100 Amp Angled Legs Male BlueAngle Fusible Long
FLA120Fuse Link 120 Amp Angled Legs Male GreyAngle Fusible Long
FLA20Fuse Link 20 Amp Angled Legs Male WhiteAngle Fusible Long
FLA30Fuse Link 30 Amp Angled Legs Male PinkAngle Fusible Long
FLA40Fuse Link 40 Amp Angled Legs Male GreenAngle Fusible Long
FLA50Fuse Link 50 Amp Angled Legs Male RedAngle Fusible Long
FLA60Fuse Link 60 Amp Angled Legs Male YellowAngle Fusible Long
FLA70Fuse Link 70 Amp Angled Legs Male BrownAngle Fusible Long
FLA80Fuse Link 80 Amp Angled Legs Male BlackAngle Fusible Long
FLAS100Fuse Link 100 Amp Angled Short Legs BlueAngle Fusible Short
FLAS120Fuse Link 120 Amp Angled Short Legs GreyAngle Fusible Short
FLAS20Fuse Link 20 Amp Angled Short Legs WhiteAngle Fusible Short
FLAS30Fuse Link 30 Amp Angled Short Legs PinkAngle Fusible Short
FLAS40Fuse Link 40 Amp Angled Short Legs GreenAngle Fusible Short
FLAS50Fuse Link 50 Amp Angled Short Legs RedAngle Fusible Short
FLAS60Fuse Link 60 Amp Angled Short Legs YellowAngle Fusible Short
FLAS70Fuse Link 70 Amp Angled Short Legs BrownAngle Fusible Short
FLAS80Fuse Link 80 Amp Angled Short Legs BlackAngle Fusible Short
FLF100FEMALE FUSE LINK 100 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF120FEMALE FUSE LINK 120 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF20FEMALE FUSE LINK 20 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF30FEMALE FUSE LINK 30 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF40FEMALE FUSE LINK 40 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF50FEMALE FUSE LINK 50 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF60FEMALE FUSE LINK 60 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF70FEMALE FUSE LINK 70 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLF80FEMALE FUSE LINK 80 AMPFemale Fusible Links
FLFM100Fusible Link Female Mini 100 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM120Fusible Link Female Mini 120 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM20Fusible Link Female Mini 20 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM30Fusible Link Female Mini 30 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM40Fusible Link Female Mini 40 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM50Fusible Link Female Mini 50 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM60Fusible Link Female Mini 60 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM70Fusible Link Female Mini 70 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFM80Fusible Link Female Mini 80 ampMini Link Type 1
FLFMT2-100Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 100 amp Dark BlueMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-120Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 120 amp GreyMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-20Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 20 amp Light BlueMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-30Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 30 amp PinkMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-40Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 40 amp GreenMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-50Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 50 amp RedMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-60Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 60 amp YellowMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-70Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 70 amp BrownMini Link Type 2
FLFMT2-80Fusible Link Female Mini Type 2 80 amp BlackMini Link Type 2
FLJF100Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 100 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF120Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 120 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF20Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 20 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF30Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 30 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF40Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 40 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF50Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 50 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF60Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 60 ampNew Japan Female
FLJF80Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Female 80 ampNew Japan Female
FLJM100Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 100 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM120Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 120 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM20Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 20 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM30Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 30 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM40Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 40 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM50Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 50 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM60Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 60 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLJM80Fusible Link Mitsubishi/Jeep Male 80 ampNew Mitsubishi Male
FLM100MALE FUSE LINK 100 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM120MALE FUSE LINK 120 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM20MALE FUSE LINK 20 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM30MALE FUSE LINK 30 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM40MALE FUSE LINK 40 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM50MALE FUSE LINK 50 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM60MALE FUSE LINK 60 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM70MALE FUSE LINK 70 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLM80MALE FUSE LINK 80 AMPMale Fusible Links
FLWBLKBlack Fusible Link Wire 80 (26) Amp # 16 gaWire Fusible Link
FLWBLUBlue Fusible Link Wire 100 (35) Amp # 14 gaWire Fusible Link
FLWGGreen Fusible Link Wire 40 (16) Amp # 18 gaWire Fusible Link
FLWRRed Fusible Link Wire 50 (21) Amp # 18 gaWire Fusible Link
FLWYYellow Fusible Link Wire 60 (23) Amp # 16 gaWire Fusible Link
JCASE20JCASE Fusible Link 20 amp, Blue (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
JCASE25JCASE Fusible Link 25 amp, White (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
JCASE30JCASE Fusible Link 30 amp, Pink (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
JCASE40JCASE Fusible Link 40 amp, Green (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
JCASE50JCASE Fusible Link 50 amp, Red (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
JCASE60JCASE Fusible Link 60 amp, Yellow (LJC)Jcase Fusible Links
MCASE15MCASE Fusible Link 15 ampMcase Fusible Links
MCASE20MCASE Fusible Link 20 ampMcase Fusible Links
MCASE25MCASE Fusible Link 25 ampMcase Fusible Links
MCASE30MCASE Fusible Link 30 ampMcase Fusible Links
MCASE40MCASE Fusible Link 40 ampMcase Fusible Links
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