Mini Blade Fuses

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Mini blade fuses or Mini wedge fuses
Also known as "Mini ATC" or "ATN" or "Minifuse"
These measure 11mm wide x 17mm high
Amp ratings from 1 amp up to 30 amps
Colour coded for easy identification


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BFM01Mini Blade Fuse 1 amp, GreyMini Blade Fuses
BFM02Mini Blade Fuse 2 amp, GreyMini Blade Fuses
BFM03Mini Blade Fuse 3 amp, PinkMini Blade Fuses
BFM04Mini Blade Fuse 4 amp, Light PurpleMini Blade Fuses
BFM05Mini Blade Fuse 5 amp, OrangeMini Blade Fuses
BFM07Mini Blade Fuse 7.5 amp, BrownMini Blade Fuses
BFM10Mini Blade Fuse 10 amp, RedMini Blade Fuses
BFM15Mini Blade Fuse 15 amp, BlueMini Blade Fuses
BFM20Mini Blade Fuse 20 amp, YellowMini Blade Fuses
BFM25Mini Blade Fuse 25 amp, ClearMini Blade Fuses
BFM30Mini Blade Fuse 30 amp, GreenMini Blade Fuses
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