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The chart above shows auto wire that we use in Australia
We do not use AWG (American Wire Gauge, left column) but the chart shows the compatible sizes
B&S refers to Battery and Starter cable, they range from a huge 0000B&S down to small 8B&S
Smaller sizes than "B&S" use the "mm" equivalent
Note that "mm industry standard" only compares Australian wire with other Australian wire
"Amps 100% Duty Cycle" shows what the continuous current capacity is for that wire
Battery cable can safely carry 200% for short periods of time, ie: cranking engines
Most of the detail above refers to Electra Cable, which is one of the quality brands that we sell
The guide shows AWG equivalent specifications, amp ratings and voltage drops for each size cable
Use the guide for Automotive, Marine, car, 4WD, truck, bike, AWD, caravan, trailer, motorhome, camper, boat, etc...


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