Micro2 Blade Fuse

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NEW MICRO2 Blade Fuses, ATR
These are slightly narrower but longer than mini blade fuses
They measure 9.2mm across and 15.5mm long
Available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 amps and up to 32 VDC
They fit the new FORD Mustangs and some vehicles out of the USA (Ranger? and Everest?)


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BFMIC2-05MICRO2 Blade Fuse 5 amp OrangeMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-07MICRO2 Blade Fuse 7.5 amp BrownMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-10MICRO2 Blade Fuse 10 amp RedMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-15MICRO2 Blade Fuse 15 amp BlueMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-20MICRO2 Blade Fuse 20 amp YellowMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-25MICRO2 Blade Fuse 25 amp ClearMicro2 Blade Fuse
BFMIC2-30MICRO2 Blade Fuse 30 amp GreenMicro2 Blade Fuse
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