Flfs Jcase895

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Fusible Link Female Short
JCASE Low Profile Fusible Links
JCASE 895 or LJC
20 amps up to 60 amps
Up to 58 volt rating
Short series
These measure 14mm x 12mm and only 16mm long
Colour code shows amperage
Blue, White, Pink, Green, Red and Yellow


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FLFS20Fusible Link Female Short 20 amp, BlueFlfs Jcase895
FLFS25Fusible Link Female Short 25 amp, WhiteFlfs Jcase895
FLFS30Fusible Link Female Short 30 amp, PinkFlfs Jcase895
FLFS40Fusible Link Female Short 40 amp, GreenFlfs Jcase895
FLFS50Fusible Link Female Short 50 amp, RedFlfs Jcase895
FLFS60Fusible Link Female Short 60 amp, YellowFlfs Jcase895
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