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Battery and Starter cable for cars and trucks
Available from 8B&S up to 1B&S
Supplied on spools, and some cut by the meter
Available on 30 meter or 100 meter spools
Also; welding flex, multi core (orange)
Use battery cable to charge second batteries via DC-DC chargers or a VSR relay
Use 8B&S or 6B&S cable for dual battery setups and 50 amp Anderson Plugs


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BAT000BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS000-30Battery Cable
BAT00BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS00-30Battery Cable
BAT0BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS0-30Battery Cable
BAT1BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS1-30Battery Cable
BAT2BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS2-30Battery Cable
BAT3BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS3-30Battery Cable
BAT6BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS6-30Battery Cable
BAT6TSHBattery & Starter Cable EBS621-30 Twin SheathBattery Cable
BAT8BSBattery & Starter Cable 30 Meter EBS8-30Battery Cable
BAT8TSHBattery & Starter Cable EBS821-30 Twin SheathBattery Cable
ZW3535sq mm Welding Cable Double Insulated Orange 2B&SBattery Cable
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