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Weatherproof Connector Kits
(2 way connector shown in photograph)
Some people say they are waterproof connectors but must use the correct gauge wire
Also known as "Superseal" or "Weather Pack" or "Delphi" Connectors
These come in kit form to make a complete connector
Seals are made from quality silicon rubber
Rated to 20 amps
Available in:
1 way, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, and 6 way kits
Colours of housings and seals may vary


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WC1Weatherproof Connector 1 Way KitWeather Proof
WC2Weatherproof Connector 2 Way KitWeather Proof
WC3Weatherproof Connector 3 Way KitWeather Proof
WC4Weatherproof Connector 4 Way KitWeather Proof
WC6Weatherproof Connector 6 Way KitWeather Proof
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