Terminal Strips

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Terminal Strip electrical connectors
Also known as terminal block connectors and screw connector strips
12 pole Strips on a raised base
5 Amp, 10 Amp, 15 Amp, 20 Amp, up to 50 Amp
Rated up to 600 volt and hold Australian approvals, see individual listings
The strips can be cut into any length you like
The raised base meets creepage and clearance requirements
   when mounted on uninsulated surfaces
Zinc plated terminals and screws
Marine type available with nickel plated terminals in the Marine section TSN


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TS1205Terminal Strip 12 Way 5 amp 96mm LongTerminal Strips
TS1210Terminal Strip 12 Way 10 Amp 114mm LongTerminal Strips
TS1215Terminal Strip 12 Way 15 Amp 118mm LongTerminal Strips
TS1220Terminal Strip 12 Way 20Amp 136mm LongTerminal Strips
TS1250Terminal Strip 12 Way 50 Amp 158mm LongTerminal Strips
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