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Globe holders and socket replacements
Auto globe holders and headlight plugs
These replace existing sockets that your bulbs plug into
Headlight (headlamp), stop/tail-light, indicator, reverse, T10, clearance, assorted
Ceramic holders are available for headlight bulbs when using high output, high wattage, hi-temp applications
H1, H1A, H4, H4A, H7, H7A, H11, HB9004, HB9005, HB9006, HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5
Ceramic. Simply a better product


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GH341Globe Holder Indicator Holden Com. S/Wagon VN onGlobe Holders
CH9006Ceramic Holder 9006 HB4 Headlight (low-beam)Globe Holders
CHH11Ceramic Holder H11 HeadlightGlobe Holders
GH3902Globe Holder Socket Metal Single Contact earlyFORDGlobe Holders
H4SGlobe Holder Socket for H4 Headlight Bulb 90°Globe Holders
GH5021Globe Holder Socket for H7 Headlamp BulbGlobe Holders
CHH7ACeramic Holder H7 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
GH3868Globe Holder Socket Metal Double ContactGlobe Holders
GH3851Globe Holder Socket Wedge Type BulbGlobe Holders
CHH1ACeramic Holder H1 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
GH3169Globe Holder Socket Metal Single ContactGlobe Holders
CHH4A-WCeramic H4 Socket 90° Outlet, No WiresGlobe Holders
GH3254Globe Holder Stop-Tail Sedan EF-BA, VT-VYGlobe Holders
CH9005Ceramic Holder 9005 HB3 Headlight (high- beam)Globe Holders
CHH4ACeramic Holder H4 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
GH3866Globe Holder Socket Plastic Double ContactGlobe Holders
GH3904Globe Holder Stop-Tail Holden Com. Sedan VN-VSGlobe Holders
CHH7Ceramic Holder H7 HeadlightGlobe Holders
GH3867Globe Holder Socket Metal Single ContactGlobe Holders
GH342Globe Holder Stop-Tail Holden Com. S/Wagon VN onGlobe Holders
CHH1Ceramic Holder H1 HeadlightGlobe Holders
H4PH4 Plug Extension Harness For H4 SocketGlobe Holders
GH3900Globe Holder Socket Metal Double Contact earlyFORDGlobe Holders
GH3253Globe Holder Indicator Sedan EF-BA, VT-VYGlobe Holders
CH9004Ceramic Holder 9004 HB1 or HB5 HeadlightGlobe Holders
GHBLGlobe Holder Brake Light Hi Level / Eye LevelGlobe Holders
GH3865Globe Holder Socket Plastic Single ContactGlobe Holders
GH3903Globe Holder Indicator Holden Com. Sedan VN-VSGlobe Holders
CHH4Ceramic Holder H4 Headlight Hi TempGlobe Holders
GH3170Globe Holder Socket Metal Double ContactGlobe Holders
H4P-WH4 Plug No WiresGlobe Holders
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