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Globe holders and socket replacements
Auto globe holders and headlight plugs
These replace existing sockets that your bulbs plug into
Headlight (headlamp), stop/tail-light, indicator, reverse, T10, clearance, assorted
Ceramic holders are available for headlight bulbs when using high output, high wattage, hi-temp applications
H1, H1A, H4, H4A, H7, H7A, H11, HB9004, HB9005, HB9006, HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5
Ceramic. Simply a better product


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CH9004Ceramic Holder 9004 HB1 or HB5 HeadlightGlobe Holders
CH9005Ceramic Holder 9005 HB3 Headlight (high- beam)Globe Holders
CH9006Ceramic Holder 9006 HB4 Headlight (low-beam)Globe Holders
CHH1Ceramic Holder H1 HeadlightGlobe Holders
CHH11Ceramic Holder H11 HeadlightGlobe Holders
CHH1ACeramic Holder H1 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
CHH4Ceramic Holder H4 Headlight Hi TempGlobe Holders
CHH4ACeramic Holder H4 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
CHH4A-WCeramic H4 Socket 90° Outlet, No WiresGlobe Holders
CHH7Ceramic Holder H7 HeadlightGlobe Holders
CHH7ACeramic Holder H7 Headlight 90° OutletGlobe Holders
GH3169Globe Holder Socket Metal Single ContactGlobe Holders
GH3170Globe Holder Socket Metal Double ContactGlobe Holders
GH3253Globe Holder Indicator Sedan EF-BA, VT-VYGlobe Holders
GH3254Globe Holder Stop-Tail Sedan EF-BA, VT-VYGlobe Holders
GH341Globe Holder Indicator Holden Com. S/Wagon VN onGlobe Holders
GH342Globe Holder Stop-Tail Holden Com. S/Wagon VN onGlobe Holders
GH3851Globe Holder Socket Wedge Type BulbGlobe Holders
GH3865Globe Holder Socket Plastic Single ContactGlobe Holders
GH3866Globe Holder Socket Plastic Double ContactGlobe Holders
GH3867Globe Holder Socket Metal Single ContactGlobe Holders
GH3868Globe Holder Socket Metal Double ContactGlobe Holders
GH3900Globe Holder Socket Metal Double Contact earlyFORDGlobe Holders
GH3902Globe Holder Socket Metal Single Contact earlyFORDGlobe Holders
GH3903Globe Holder Indicator Holden Com. Sedan VN-VSGlobe Holders
GH3904Globe Holder Stop-Tail Holden Com. Sedan VN-VSGlobe Holders
GHBLGlobe Holder Brake Light Hi Level / Eye LevelGlobe Holders
H4PH4 Plug Extension Harness For H4 SocketGlobe Holders
H4P-WH4 Plug No WiresGlobe Holders
H4SGlobe Holder Socket for H4 Headlight Bulb 90°Globe Holders
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