Metal Trim Clips

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Metal Trim Clips
Metal Clips For Panels
Metal Speed Clips 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g
Metal Threaded Speed Nuts 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Available in bags of 10 pcs or 100 pcs


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TC10Push-On Fix Hole Size 2mmMetal Trim Clips
TC16Speed Clip 16mm x 11mm For Self Tapper 8g 3.5mmMetal Trim Clips
TC18U Nut Type Speed Clip 5mm Thread, 20mm x 15mmMetal Trim Clips
TC24U Nut Type Speed Clip 8mm Thread, 26mm x 14mmMetal Trim Clips
TC25Door Trim ClipMetal Trim Clips
TC26Speed Clip 26mm x 14mm For Self Tapper 12g 5mmMetal Trim Clips
TC3Speed Clip 16mm x 11mm For Self Tapper 6g 2.8mmMetal Trim Clips
TC32Fuel Injector Clip For BOSCH Fuel InjectorMetal Trim Clips
TC33Window Winder Clip, or Jesus ClipMetal Trim Clips
TC4U Nut Type Speed Clip 6mm Thread, 31mm x 12mmMetal Trim Clips
TC5Push-On Fix Hole Size 3.5mmMetal Trim Clips
TC9Speed Clip 20mm x 13mm For Self Tapper 10g 4.1mmMetal Trim Clips
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