Shrink Solder Sleeve

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These sleeve terminals contain a centre ring of solder and a ring of glue at either end of the clear heatshrink
When heated, the solder melts and runs through the wires to complete the electrical join
The heatshrink shrinks 2:1 and glue melts to seal the ends, keeping moisture and dirt out, and also insulate the connection
These shrink solder sleeves also offer strain relief for the termination
Use a flame, soldering iron or hot air gun.
Now colour coded; 1mm = white, 3mm = red, 5mm = blue, 6mm = yellow
Shrink ratio 2:1
Operating temperature range: -55°C~125°C
Solder melts at: > 138°C
Shrink temperature: >=160°C
Dialectric strength: 1kv
Rated at: IP67


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SSS3801Shrink Solder Sleeve 1.5mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3802Shrink Solder Sleeve 2.0mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3803Shrink Solder Sleeve 2.7mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3805Shrink Solder Sleeve 4.5mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3806Shrink Solder Sleeve 6mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3807Shrink Solder Sleeve 7mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3808Shrink Solder Sleeve 8mmShrink Solder Sleeve
SSS3809Shrink Solder Sleeve 8.8mmShrink Solder Sleeve
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