Uninsulated Terminals

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We supply various types of un-insulated crimp terminals
Non-Insulated brass crimp terminals
Spade, Bullet, Speaker, Sender, Fuel Injector, Piggy back, Tab


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DM3-250Tab 6.3mm, 1/4" Spade. Rivet Or Screw MountUninsulated Terminals
FITFuel Injector Terminal Bosch Connector Female FITUninsulated Terminals
FLTERMFFemale Fusible Link Uninsulated Terminal 8mm wideUninsulated Terminals
FLTERMMMale Fusible Link Uninsulated Terminal 8mm wideUninsulated Terminals
MMFMale Male Female Adaptor Uninsulated (Piggy Back)Uninsulated Terminals
QTERMFFemale Uninsulated Spade Terminal 6.3mm 1/4"Uninsulated Terminals
QTERMMMale Uninsulated Spade Terminal 6.3mm, 1/4"Uninsulated Terminals
SENDERSender Terminal Female Uninsulated, Temp, OilUninsulated Terminals
UBFMUninsulated Bullet Female Terminal 4mmUninsulated Terminals
UBMUninsulated Bullet Male Terminal 4mmUninsulated Terminals
UQFM28Uninsulated QC Female Terminal 2.8mm, 1/8"Uninsulated Terminals
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