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Yellow terminals for wire 4mm - 6mm
We also have QUIKCRIMP part numbers where they cross over
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Waterproof terminals for 4WD and marine


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YBFMYellow Bullet Female TerminalYellow
YBMYellow Bullet Male TerminalYellow
YBSYellow Butt SpliceYellow
YBS-HYellow Butt Splice With AdhesiveYellow
YFS-4Yellow Fork 4mm TerminalYellow
YFS-5Yellow Fork 5mm TerminalYellow
YFS-6Yellow Fork 6mm TerminalYellow
YPBYellow Piggy Back TerminalYellow
YQFM63Yellow Spade Female Terminal 6.3mmYellow
YQFM96Yellow Female Spade Terminal 9.6mmYellow
YQFU63Yellow Spade Female Fully Insulated Terminal 6.3mmYellow
YQFU63-HTYellow QC Female Fully Insulated Hi Temp 6.3mmYellow
YQFU96Yellow Spade Female Fully Insulated Terminal 9.6mmYellow
YQM63Yellow Spade Male Terminal 6.3mmYellow
YQMU63-HTYellow Male Spade Fully Insulated Terminals Hi TemYellow
YRS-10Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 10mm Stud HoleYellow
YRS-12Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 12mm Stud HoleYellow
YRS-4Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 4mm Stud HoleYellow
YRS-5Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 5mm Stud HoleYellow
YRS-6Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 6mm Stud HoleYellow
YRS-8Yellow Ring Single Grip Terminal 8mm Stud HoleYellow
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