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Blue Terminals for wire 2.5mm - 4mm
We also have QUIKCRIMP part numbers where they cross over
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Waterproof terminals for 4WD and marine


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BBFMBlue Bullet Female TerminalBlue
BBMBlue Bullet Male TerminalBlue
BBSBlue Butt SpliceBlue
BBS-HBlue Butt Splice With AdhesiveBlue
BFS-3Blue Fork Single Grip 3mmBlue
BFS-4Blue Fork Single Grip 4mmBlue
BFS-5Blue Fork Single Grip 5mmBlue
BPBBlue Piggy Back TerminalBlue
BQFM28Blue QC Female 2.8mm Spade TerminalBlue
BQFM48Blue QC Female 4.8mm Spade TerminalBlue
BQFM63Blue QC Female 6.3mm Spade TerminalBlue
BQFU28Blue QC Female Fully Insulated 2.8mm SpadeBlue
BQFU48Blue QC Female Fully Insulated 4.8mm SpadeBlue
BQFU63Blue QC Female Fully Insulated 6.3mm SpadeBlue
BQFU63-HTBlue QC Female Fully Insulated Hi Temp 6.3mmBlue
BQM28Blue QC Male 2.8mm SpadeBlue
BQM48Blue QC Male 4.8mm SpadeBlue
BQM63Blue QC Male 6.3mm SpadeBlue
BQMU63-HTBlue Male Spade Fully Insulated Terminals Hi TempBlue
BQSBlue Quick Splice Scotch Locks 3mm-4mm WireBlue
BRS-10Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 10mm Stud HoleBlue
BRS-3Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 3mm Stud HoleBlue
BRS-4Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 4mm Stud HoleBlue
BRS-5Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 5mm Stud HoleBlue
BRS-6Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 6mm Stud HoleBlue
BRS-8Blue Ring Single Grip Terminal 8mm Stud HoleBlue
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