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Where possible only GENUINE Anderson Plugs are sold
High quality connectors for up to 600 volts, very safe at 12 volts ie: automotive, marine, industrial, hobby
Amperages as specified: 30 amp, 45 amp, 50 amp, 175 amp, and the large one is 350 amp
Single and double pole connectors
Silver coated terminals with Stainless Steel springs
Anderson Plugs are self cleaning when slid open or closed
50 amp and up are double pole and are ideal for dual battery setups.
Connect your trailer/caravan/camper to charge the on-board battery
Can be used for connecting electric winches on your boat trailer
Also use on pumps, sprayers; the list is endless
Useful where a battery requires constant removal, ie. marine or farming applications
These can be used for connecting jumper leads to a fixed outlet or input
Available in bulk; these are cheaper without boxes
These are not gender specific so there are no Anderson "Sockets", just Anderson Plugs; one side simply plugs into the other side
There are several plugs with LCD displays, 12 volt


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AP175Anderson Plug 175 Amp 600 Volt SY175A , SB175Anderson Plug
AP175CAPCap For 175 Amp Anderson PlugAnderson Plug
AP175REDAnderson Plug RED 175 Amp 600 Volt SB175Anderson Plug
AP175TERMAnderson Plug Terminals 175 Amp, LooseAnderson Plug
AP30BAnderson Plug 30Amp Black Power Connector PP30Anderson Plug
AP30RAnderson Plug 30Amp Red Power Connector PP30Anderson Plug
AP350Anderson Plug 350 Amps 600 Volt SY350 , SB350Anderson Plug
AP45BAnderson Plug 45Amp Black Power Connector PP45Anderson Plug
AP45RAnderson Plug 45Amp Red Power Connector PP45Anderson Plug
AP50Anderson Plug 50 Amp 600 Volt SY50 , SB50 GREYAnderson Plug
AP50BLKAnderson Plug 50 Amp 600 Volt BLACKAnderson Plug
AP50BLUAnderson Plug 50 Amp 600 Volt BLUEAnderson Plug
AP50CAPCap For 50 Amp Anderson PlugAnderson Plug
AP50PMPower Meter Fits 50 Amp Anderson Plug 12 VoltAnderson Plug
AP50REDAnderson Plug Red, 50 Amp 600 VoltAnderson Plug
AP50TAnderson Plug "T" Handle for 50 Amp PlugAnderson Plug
AP50TERMAnderson Plug Terminals 50 Amp #6Anderson Plug
AP50VAnderson Plug 50amp With Voltmeter 12vAnderson Plug
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