Alligator Clips

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All Alligator Clips come with colour-coded vinyl covers
AC1 ~ AC3 are all smaller style
AC4 ~ AC5 are bull-dog style
AC6 are the size of battery charger clamps
AC8 are for jumper cables


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AC1BAlligator Clip Black 2 amp 35mmAlligator Clips
AC1RAlligator Clip Red 2 amp 35mmAlligator Clips
AC2BAlligator Clip Black 3 amp 42mmAlligator Clips
AC2RAlligator Clip Red 3 amp 42mmAlligator Clips
AC3BAlligator Clip Black 5 amp 50mmAlligator Clips
AC3RAlligator Clip Red 5 amp 50mmAlligator Clips
AC4BAlligator Clip Black 10 amp 68mmAlligator Clips
AC4RAlligator Clip Red 10 amp 68mmAlligator Clips
AC5BAlligator Clip Black 20 amp 80mmAlligator Clips
AC5RAlligator Clip Red 20 amp 80mmAlligator Clips
AC6BAlligator Clip Black 30 amp 85mmAlligator Clips
AC6RAlligator Clip Red 30 amp 85mmAlligator Clips
AC8BAlligator Clip Black 600 amp For Jumper LeadAlligator Clips
AC8RAlligator Clip Red 600 amp For Jumper LeadAlligator Clips
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