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Hose Clamps
Special EFI hose clamps
Automotive and general purpose use
Click here for Full Stainless Steel 316 hose clamps for marine


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EFI004PHose Clamp EFI #4 Stainless Band 7-15mm 301 GradeE F I Clamps
EFI005PHose Clamp EFI #5 Stainless Band 9-17mm 301 GradeE F I Clamps
EFI006PHose Clamp EFI #6 Stainless Band 14-22mm 301 GradeE F I Clamps
HC04Hose Clamp #4 Part Stainless Steel 6mm - 16mmPart Stainless
HC06Hose Clamp #6 Part Stainless Steel 11mm - 22mmPart Stainless
HC08Hose Clamp #8 Part Stainless Steel 13mm - 25mmPart Stainless
HC10Hose Clamp #10 Part Stainless Steel 14mm - 27mmPart Stainless
HC12Hose Clamp #12 Part Stainless Steel 18mm - 32mmPart Stainless
HC16Hose Clamp #16 Part Stainless Steel 21mm - 38mmPart Stainless
HC20Hose Clamp #20 Part Stainless Steel 22mm - 44mmPart Stainless
HC24Hose Clamp #24 Part Stainless Steel 27mm - 51mmPart Stainless
HC28Hose Clamp #28 Part Stainless Steel 33mm - 57mmPart Stainless
HC36Hose Clamp #36 Part Stainless Steel 46mm - 70mmPart Stainless
HCB04Hose Clamp #4 Solid Band Stainless 6mm ~ 16mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB05Hose Clamp #5 Solid Band Stainless 11mm ~ 18mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB06Hose Clamp #6 Solid Band Stainless 11mm ~ 22mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB10Hose Clamp #10 Solid Band Stainless 14mm ~ 27mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB12Hose Clamp #12 Solid Band Stainless 18mm ~ 32mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB16Hose Clamp #16 Solid Band Stainless 21mm ~ 38mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB20Hose Clamp #20 Solid Band Stainless 21mm ~ 44mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB24Hose Clamp #24 Solid Band Stainless 27mm ~ 51mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB28Hose Clamp #28 Solid Band Stainless 33mm ~ 57mmHose Clamp Solid
HCB32Hose Clamp #32 Solid Band Stainless 40mm ~ 64mmHose Clamp Solid
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