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CRIMP-UNCrimper For Uninsulated Terminals and TabsTools
SLT2Split Loom Tool #2, 16mm ~ 20mmTools
CRIMP9Crimper 9 Inch Economy Flat TypeTools
GASGas Refill For Soldering Irons + TorchesTools
CABCUTCable Cutters 70sqmm Suit Starter Cable etcTools
CRIMP-FLAGCrimper For Insulated Flag TerminalsTools
TG-9Cable Tie Gun Heavy DutyTools
SLT1Split Loom Tool #1, 10mm ~ 13mmTools
GASTORCHGas Torch Butane With Built in IgnitorTools
SOLDERIRONElectric Soldering Iron 240 volt 80 wattTools
CRIMP-INSCrimper For Pre-insulated Terminals, Ratchet TypeTools
SLT3Split Loom Tool #3, 23mm ~ 29mmTools
TG6Cable-Tie Tool, Light DutyTools
CRIMP-BOOTCrimper For Boot Lace Ferrule TerminalsTools
GASIRONGas Soldering Iron And TorchTools
DMMDigital Multi-Meter Basic 600VACTools
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