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Heatshrink is available in sizes ranging from 2mm up to 50mm, or some even bigger
Sold by the meter, by the spool, or 1.2 meter lengths (sticks)
Colours stocked; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Clear and some White
Diameter shrinks 50% of original size, 2:1. Length is not affected
Glue-lined BLACK or RED are available in 1.2 meter lengths, or "sticks" and has a shrink ratio of 3:1
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HS02Heat Shrink 2mm In ColoursHeatshrink
HS03Heat Shrink 3mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS05Heat Shrink 5mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS07Heat Shrink 7mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS10Heat Shrink 10mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS13Heat Shrink 13mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS15Heat Shrink 15mm In 5 ColoursHeatshrink
HS20Heat Shrink 20mm In ColoursHeatshrink
HS25Heat Shrink 25mm In ColoursHeatshrink
HS38Heat Shrink 38mm In ColoursHeatshrink
HS50Heat Shrink 50mm In ColoursHeatshrink
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