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Split Loom Tubing
Convoluted Tube Conduit
Flexible Toob (bad spelling helps the search engines)
Use split loom for protecting wiring, hoses, or bundling together, cable organizer, cable protection, etc
Easily have additional wire, cable or hoses enter or leave the loom tube anywhere along the split
Black is available in 10 meter bags from 5mm ID up to 28mm ID, or on cardboard spools up to 48mm ID
Coloured loom tube is available in 5 colours, 10mm ID or 15mm ID, on cardboard spools or cut to length
Polypropylene flexible corrugated conduit
Minimum continuous operating temperature: -20°C
Maximum continuous operating temperature: +90°C
Maximum peak operating temperature: +120°C
All our black split loom tube is Halogen Free and UV safe
Colored split loom tube is cut to length

5mm (3/16")    ID = 5.0mm,    OD = 8mm      approx
7mm   (1/4")    ID = 6.9mm,    OD = 10.4mm approx
10mm (3/8")    ID = 9.7mm,    OD = 12.8mm approx
13mm (1/2")    ID = 12.6mm,  OD = 16.1mm approx
16mm (5/8")    ID = 15.9mm,  OD = 21.2mm approx
19mm (3/4")    ID = 21.2mm,  OD = 25.2mm approx
23mm (7/8")    ID = 23mm,     OD = 27mm    approx
28mm (1 1/8") ID = 29mm,     OD = 33mm    approx
36mm (1 3/8") ID = 36mm,     OD = 42mm    approx
48mm (1 7/8") ID = 48mm,     OD = 54mm    approx

For a small size     Split Loom Tool click here ... Split Loom Tool #1
For a medium size Split Loom Tool click here ... Split Loom Tool #2
For a large size     Split Loom Tool click here ... Split Loom Tool #3

Unsplit Loom Tube is available, no slit! Not stocked but we can order it in for you


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